The Perfect Selfie.

Ok, I know that NOBODY except Kim Kardashian likes to take selfies, if you don't know who Kim Kardashian is I totally envy you. Anyway back to taking the perfect selfie, and by selfie I mean the perfect portrait picture of you, You dont have to take it,  your husband, wife, kid, mother, bus driver, teacher, friend, anyone can take it, it just has to be clear and you have to be able to see your pupils.

Ideally you will use natural light, so be outside, or near a window. If you don't have natural light available you can use indoor lights, just try to not have too many reflections in your eyes.

The picture should be from your shoulders to the top of your head. Don't worry if you are having a bad hair day, my whole life is a bad hair day. Nobody but you will see this picture and you can delete it right after getting your PD. 

Look straight with your head held straight towards the camera, like a passport picture, and please don't smile, look bored. Look far away like right over the top of your phone or the camera, and at least 20 feet away and snap the picture... no blinking. 

Now you are ready to upload that picture into our PD SELF MEASURING TOOL.