The Front Row Eyewear Difference

Front Row Eyewear was founded, in part, because we were tired of seeing people pay for “extras” that should be included, not get what they needed and order add-ons that were unnecessary. So here is what you get with EVERY pair of eyeglass frames and lenses you order.

Digital Lenses

You know how much better your TV looks on HD channels? That’s what digital technology does for your eyeglasses. And it is the ONLY way we make our lenses.

Digital lenses are up to 6 times more accurate, provide a wider field of view (up to 20% wider) for better peripheral vision and are better for reading and computer work than another other lens. But who’s ever on a computer… or smartphone…or tablet, right? Right.

As often as we all use technology today, it is critical to reduce eye fatigue and get sharper definition. Until digital technology, your prescription was actually not the same at the very outer edges of your eyeglasses. Not that it was bad, but once you experience the difference (like with your TV), you won’t want to go backward. All of our lenses are digital lenses FREE.

Anti-Reflective Lenses

Combined with Anti-Reflective (AR) coating, digital lenses are almost invisible, as they reflect less glare to both the wearer and the people with whom they are interacting. More importantly, they cut down on glare from oncoming car lights to make night driving safer, and help reduce glare from all those screens we look at all day (and night). We include AR coating on all of our eyeglasses-FREE.

Scratch Resistant Coating

Scratch resistant coatings are key to extending the life of your glasses and increasing their durability. Sure it won’t help if you step on them, but it will help them survive the occasional drop to the floor or cleaning with a paper towel. And of course we include scratch resistant coating FREE.

Free Shipping

Every pair of our eyeglasses is shipped for free. No minimums, every pair, any price. FREE SHIPPING