Eco-Friendly Frames

Eco-friendly Eyewear

Our vision of fashion forward, high quality frames didn't just stop at the runway. We wanted to make sure that we also offered fashionable frames that are Eco-Friendly. We found two suppliers who met our standards on both fronts.

Mo Eyewear offers 3 biodegradable options in their incredible line of fashion forward frames. You'll see that they are strong, fashionable and eco-friendly.


Free Form eyewear stands out through a combination of lightweight frames, stylish design, explicit simplicity and affordable price levels. These are eyeglass frames for consumers who place great value on innovation and convenience!

The frame design is lightweight, comfortable, and is completely free of screws. The patent pending hinge is simply cut and folded from one piece of titanium sheet metal, which is tough and flexible.

With rubber temple tips, they are anti-slip, non-allergenic and adjustable. 3-D ball-joint nose pads offer unlimited angles, fitting every nasal contour easily.

The Free Form Green collection defines the ultimate green concept in eyewear. The Green collection is environmentally responsible every step of the way.  It consumes the least material, requires the fewest production steps, is the first eyewear specifically designed to minimize its carbon footprint, and releases no toxic material to the environment during production.

Thomas Trauth, reknowned  German industrial and frame designer, developed the Free Form Green collection with a focus on sustainable production through innovative design. He combines functionality, ergonomics and style in the simplest form. 

We are proud to offer this green line as our ECO COLLECTION