PD Self Measuring

So the PD seems to be one of those numbers that nobody has, and that everyone trying to buy glasses online need. So here is the scoop. The PD (Pupillary Distance) is exactly that, the millimeter distance between your pupils. So why is it so important, well when we make your we have to figure out how far apart your eyes are to center the RX properly. So even though it is a very easy measurement to get, and very easy for your eye care specialist to write it down on your RX, they dont. Why, because then you can buy your glasses on line and that means less of your money goes into their pockets. So it is in their best financial interest to keep it a secret. Some optometrists will ask you to pay for it, some simply say no, others give you a lecture about how "risky" getting your glasses made on line is. Whatever their excuse is, the honest reason is, they want your money. Here is a infographic that will help you measure your own PD, or have a friend help you. Remember the optician who takes this measurement is not a doctor, so rest assured you DO NOT need a doctor to do this.