Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to order a pair of eyeglasses?

You will need to have a valid eyeglass prescription from your optician. You also need a prescription that is less than a year old, with your PD written on it, (PD is your pupillary distance, the actual distance of your pupils when looking straight ahead). If you do not have your PD, you can stop by your local optical store and they should be able to measure it for you at little to no cost. Or you can call your optician and ask them to give it to you. Your prescription must be for eyeglasses, not contact lenses. (You can also use our tool to measure this yourself) 

What if I make a mistake on my order?

We will begin processing your order the same day we receive it, so if you notice a mistake please contact us immediately by email. We will work together with you to rectify the mistake. We are all human and mistakes can be made, so don't panic. Our RX entry form is also a little smarter than it appears and won't let you make obvious mistakes with your RX entry. But double check it to make sure, and we will also check on our end. If we have any questions, we will be sure to email you immediately.

Can I order more than one pair of glasses with different prescriptions?

Yes, in certain cases, patients have multiple prescriptions for distance and reading, and possibly an “invisible HD progressive multifocal”. You will need to enter each prescription separately and be sure each order has the correct prescription with each frame order.

Can I order prescription sunglasses on your site?

Yes, we offer polarized lenses and a UV protective coating that will help block the harmful rays. Polarized lenses reduce glare and haze allowing the wearer a better visual experience.

What sort of lenses do you offer?

We only offer high quality lenses that we access from the most technically advanced laboratories. All frames include first quality plastic (CR-39) lenses with a scratch resistant coating. All of our lenses also come with FREE Anti-Reflective Coating. We offer optional polycarbonate, and high index lenses and we also offer transitions and polarized lenses.

Can I get Bifocals or invisible progressive lenses on your website?

Yes. Refer to the order form on any product page and the drop down on "How will I use these glasses?". Select invisible HD progressive multifocals. 

Is the shipping really free?

Yes, shipping is included at no charge for any destination in the USA.

Do you ship to Europe?

Yes, rates are available upon request.

What if I don't like my frames?

We offer a no questions asked return policy within 30 days of receipt of your order. View our full policy

What if the RX doesn’t feel right, or I can't see clearly?

Some times it takes a couple of days to adjust to a new prescription. If you are still having difficulty adjusting, email our office at support@frontroweyewear.com We will help you sort it out.

How do I return my glasses?

Contact our office via email and we will give you the information that you will need to make the return. We suggest you mail them back in the shipping box they were sent. We offer a no questions asked return policy within 30 days of receipt of your order.

How do I get a receipt?

Every order is sent out with an official receipt that can be used for tax or insurance purposes.

What should I do if I need my frames adjusted?

Most local optical shops will adjust your frames for you. And most eyeglasses require periodic adjusting.

I am having a hard time with entering in my prescription. Can I email it to you?

Yes, please scan and email to us. Make sure to include your name and contact information. support@frontroweyewear.com

Are the RX sunglasses polarized?

Sunglasses can either be tinted a dark color or polarized. However, polarized lenses are the best for blocking out harmful rays and the glare of the sun.