Eyeglasses Prescription Form

When buying eyeglasses online, after adding the frames to your cart, you will be displayed with the following form. Enter your prescription accordingly in the appropriate fields and submit your order. We will verified your prescription and manufacture your eyeglasses with the corresponding RX lenses according to your entry. If you are not sure about your prescription information or have any question, feel free to contact us. You may provide your doctor’s information and your date of birth to allow us to contact your doctor on your behalf for the RX information. Also, check our Pupillary Distance Guide and a PD Ruler for instructions how to find out the distance between the center of your pupils.

Enter Your Prescription

Prescription Type

Sphere (SPH) Cylinder (CYL) Axis Add
Right (OD) Sphere (SPH Cylinder (CYL) Axis Near/Add
Left (OS) Sphere (SPH Cylinder (CYL) Axis Near/Add
I have two numbers for my PD If your prescription does not include a PD, please leave the value Average
Please confirm that the prescription entered is correct.
If you wish, we can contact your eye doctor on your behalf to get you prescription details.

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