Eco-Friendly Eyeglasses Frames

Liskula Cohen wearing Eco-friendly eyeglasses

With increasing numbers of people wearing eyeglasses, the process of manufacturing eyeglasses has a great impact on our environment. Over 50% of the population in developed countries wear prescription glasses or contact lenses and own at least one pair of specs. Thousands of eyeglasses' frames are manufactured daily to supply the demand of eyewear, both as a functional vision-aid and as a fashionable accessory. Similar to fabrication of most products, creating more glasses can result in more waste and carbon emissions.

Be it a marketing response to a growing market of environment-conscious consumers, or simply out of ideology, manufactures and brands have introduced "Green" product lines, where the process and end-product are optimized to minimize harm to the environment. Eco-Friendly Eyewear refers to eyeglasses and sunglasses that are created in such environmental-friendly way. Starting with the design of the frames, which includes material and mechanics, through the fabrication process to distribution, eyeglasses and sunglasses brands can minimize waste and ecological damage.

While the eyeglasses brands ought to design and manufacture products in ways that reduce waste and minimize carbon emissions, the responsibility is also of the consumers who buy glasses online or in retail stores. If customers ask for eco-friendly glasses, brands will invest in research, design and green production and will make such eyewear more available.

What makes Eyewear brands and their spectacles eco-friendly?

  • A commitment to Environment and Social Responsibility.
  • Lens-manufacturing labs that reduce water and electric consumption in the fabrication line
  • Eco-friendly, energy-saving machines and office environments
  • Eyeglasses and Sunglasses that use recyclable materials
  • Glasses' frames and prescription lenses that are cut, engraved and cleaned without the use of harmful chemicals
  • Production that does not release toxic materials
  • Production that minimizes carbon emission
  • Frames made of less actual material mass (measured in ounces)
  • Fewer production steps and a shorter manufacturing time per frame

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