Give Back

Donations to Improve the Lives of Others

A strong part of Front Row Eyewear’s business model is to do our part to give back to the blind and visually impaired community that so greatly needs our support. Through our efforts, a portion of EVERY purchase made on our website will be donated to the buyer’s choice of two charitable foundations: The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind and SEVA. It is our hope that by providing the option to select between two very beneficial programs we can raise a stronger awareness in the community and in turn improve the lives of the visually impaired worldwide.

AND we give you the ability to CHOOSE where we make a donation on your purchase. At checkout you can decide between these two worthy causes.

Guide Dog Foundation for The Blind

Guide Dog Foundation

The Guide Dog Foundation for The Blind has been training and providing guide dogs to the blind, hearing impaired and other physically challenged people since 1946. Relying solely on the donations of people like you, the foundation has been able to give the support of guide dogs to those in need, free of charge. It is with the assistance and companionship of these dogs that people with challenges are able to live independent lives.

The hallmark of the Guide Dog Foundation is its meticulous matching program to ensure that each applicant is teamed with the guide dog that best suits that person’s personality, lifestyle, and physical needs. The accredited 12-day guide dog training program offers a 2:1 student/instructor ratio and focuses on incorporating a blend of customized training formats to meet the specific lifestyles and needs of students while maximizing the training time in class for students and their dogs as they prepare for real-world situations. Students in class will also participate in lectures on grooming and care for their dog, obedience practice, accessibility awareness and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and guide dog etiquette for non-guide dog users.

SEVA Foundation

Seva works closely with hospitals and partners across 20 countries to help prevent, treat and raise awareness for people suffering from blindness and other vision challenges. It is their hope that through selfless compassion, their efforts will be able to change the lives of millions of individuals living life in the dark.

Through surgery Seva has already contributed to restoring the eyesight of over 3.5 millions people around the world. It is with your donations that Seva is able to continue funding these as well as educating communities about the importance of proper eye care.

Their programs serve people who have been economically, politically, or otherwise marginalized.  They change their program approach to relate to their culture and circumstances, reaching out in very different ways, for example, to nomads in Tibet, women in Tanzania, or indigenous Mayans in Guatemala.  Their aim is to build a bridge of compassion between their donors and the people they serve — people around the world who have the fewest resources.

Building Healthy Communities 
Seva embraces an expanded concept of health, recognizing that spiritual and cultural renewal, economic self-sufficiency, and basic civil and human rights are as important to well-being as medical care.

Promoting Sustainability
Seva's programs foster self-reliance and aim to reduce dependence on outside assistance.  In the communities where they work, they share skills and technology appropriate for local conditions, assist local decision-making, and help launch projects that will become financially self-sufficient.  This transfer of knowledge enables communities to care for their own, now and into the future.

Money Magazine recommends donating to Seva and helping to save someone's eyesight as one of their top 35 things you can do to make you smarter, healthier and happier!


What Else Can You Do?

Lions Club of America Eyeglass Recycling Program

We have teamed up with the Lions Club of America to implement a program that provides the opportunity to recycle your old glasses. All glasses received will be fixed, cleaned and redistributed to people living in developing countries.

The Lions Club’s Eyeglass Recycling program is a part of a larger effort to keep people in developing countries from falling deeper into poverty due to their vision problems. By providing people with the proper eyeglass prescriptions, vision impairments will no longer be a factor in furthering their education. With improved eyesight, it will be easier to find and retain employment thus strengthening the economic stability for themselves and their families.