Free Form Eyewear

Free Form Eyewear - Eco-Friendly Thomas Trauth

If you are looking for a particular style that is not on our web site, please email us and we will most likely be able to find it. 

These beautiful eco-friendly eyeglasses are the collaboration of the Free Form Eyewear brand with the award-winning eyewear designer, Thomas Trauth. Innovative technology and creative design are used to create these stylish, light-weight, strong and flexible prescription glasses. The Free Form “Green” glasses consume the least material, require the fewest production steps, minimize carbon footprint and releases no toxins during production. The Free Form eyeglasses weight 12.9 grams (0.4 ounces) and are completely free of screws. The eyeglasses feature anti-slip rubber tip on the beta titanium temples, screw-less hinge and a 3D ball-joint nose pads for a perfect fit.