Sitting "FROW", what is that?

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noun: FROW; plural noun: FROWs
  1. the row of seats closest to the catwalk at a fashion show, considered to be the most prestigious and desirable place to sit.
    "Nicole Richie joined Jessica Alba on the FROW in a monochrome black and white frock"


I have been asked to explain what "FROW" is. FROW is a term coined by Vogue magazine to describe who is sitting in the front row at a designers fashion show. Generally designers like to give the top editors and wholesale buyers and notable celebrities and recognizable models wearing their designs in the front row. Long before the runways became so popular and were put on everyone's social calendar, only the magazine editors and buyers for major retail stores sat there closely examining the garments prancing their way down the runway. When I first started doing runway shows it wasn't uncommon for these editors and buyers to reach out and want to touch the garments. This was the place where the Editors decided what frocks were going to be highlighted and grace the covers of all the glossies, months before the clothing was mass produced the stylists were coordinating outfits and models were posing for pictures that three months later were being sold in the grocery aisles. The buyers from Macy's, Bloomingdale's and all of those stores were deciding how many of each garment their customers would buy (that must be a tough job). So really these were the trendsetters, the "important" people in the fashion world who were and are sitting FROW.

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