Why do you want to buy glasses online?

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Why do you want to buy your eyewear online?

          I know you are here and you are reading my blog but I have to know what is it that attracts you to my site, and why is buying eyeglasses and sunglasses online interest you? I ask a lot of my customers, how did you find me? Most of them say through a Google search for a specific brand or eyeglass frame, a few have said they were specifically looking for ecofriendly and biodegradable eyewear, others know enough about the eyeglass industry to know that buying from the huge web site retailers is just feeding the problem that rests within the eyewear industry.    

        Glasses are a medical instrument, a medical necessity for most people who wear them. But they can be just so darn expensive, for something that you have to have, that is really easy to break and lose. Some people wear the same glasses for years and years without even thinking about buying a new pair, because they are simply too pricey. That’s why I opened Frontrow Eyewear, I want to give those people the opportunity to change it up a little, to have more than one pair of old glasses on their face. I want those people to feel great about the one accessory that they have to wear and feel great about it. I want those people to be able to sport the new styles, their favorite celebrity style or one of the classic styles.

            I have handpicked every style on the web site, and I have done loads of research about what are the most popular brands and what styles are the top sellers of each brand, and I have priced them so you can afford them. I will price match any web site as long as they are an authorized dealer. But trust me; you will have a hard time finding these frames at a lower price. I price them that way for my benefit to; it’s the only way I can compete in the online market. But, I also am a one woman show. When you email Frontrow Eyewear, or call the toll free line, it is me who will respond to you, it is me who will fill your order and mail it off to you. So I don’t have huge overhead, or rent to pay for a store front.

            So if you want some glasses and you are here looking for some, if you need some help, or want to chat, reach out to me. Let me know why you want to buy glasses online. I really want to know.


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