How did you feel when you HAD to start wearing glasses?

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How did you feel when you HAD to start wearing glasses?
This was my experience.

         After I turned 43 I needed to start wearing glasses, and I fought it for a while. My friends noticed and joked about the font on my iPhone and that is was bigger, and I would totally refrain from reading menus or any small print in public. I even had to figure out how to make everything a bit bigger on my desk top and I could no longer read the ingredients in anything.  So I started by just always having a pair of “cheaters” in my bag (the cheap readers you buy at the pharmacy, those are what I call cheaters)  I would only pull them out when I HAD to read something in public, and I wore them whenever I was using my computer, which is a lot considering my business.  I didn’t get a real pair of single vision glasses until a year ago and only started wearing them religiously in the past 6 months. It’s amazing what I can see now. I was really doing myself a disservice but it was all about my vanity.  I modelled for so long, and was simply not feeling my cutest behind my new frames. So I had to try another style and am now feeling like myself.  I wonder if everyone feels a bit of confusion when this realization happens to them. I certainly felt like I was getting “older”, and that is never a great feeling for a woman.  I am confident now in my glasses, and get compliments on them all the time.

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