Choosing the Right Pair of Sunglasses for Spring

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The warmer months are already here, and they bring with them the yearly changes in apparel and eyewear. If consumers want it, you can bet that manufacturers have already caught on and have made all the different kinds readily available. From the actress-inspired cat eye sunglasses to the suave gentleman’s aviators, there’s no need to get led astray with the trends of yesteryear. The following selection of eyewear includes some of the most popular ones out, and will be en vogue for at least this spring and summer.

Larger than Life: The Oversized Glasses

When the curve of the lens is just right, oversized glasses somehow merge a traditional, yet futuristic look together for a modern appearance. Not only are they quite functional – they cover the whole eye and then some – they are distinctly feminine and endow you with a certain fashionable presence. Indeed, the oversized glasses match print dresses and colorful blouses very well, with floral patterns perhaps the best accessory.

Similarly, rounded sunglasses are being seen more and more on runways and at the beach. Although they aren’t all oversized – making them a distinct category of spring and summer fashions – the retro look has much in common with the big versions. Round sunglasses are usually shaded differently than your average pair of sunglasses, as if to successfully accessorize their functionality. It isn’t at all uncommon to see such glasses on the faces of many Hollywood actresses as the spring months get underway.

Unconventional Shapes

Loud and bold are in style this spring, which is why you might have noticed women and men alike wearing large, square glasses. The shapes actually range from rhomboid to distinctly rectangular, with very creative frames. Earth colors and silver-white feature strongly these days, along with uniquely-mixed browns and beiges. For an even edgier look, there are animal-print frames on some models.

Aviator Sunglasses – Not Just for the Men

This old classic is simply timeless. If there’s one major change today, it’s that you no longer expect to see them solely on mostly clean-cut guys with a 5 o'clock shadow’s growth of beard. The droop of the lenses complement a woman’s face surprisingly well; and the wide variety of frames help to add a personal touch to this old favorite.

The Cat-Eye Shades

The geometrical theme continues in spectacular fashion with the very obvious cat-eye sunglasses. You won’t see too many men wearing these traditionally-feminine glasses, which are definitely sexy and assertive – with a touch of crazy cat-lady somewhere in there. This style originates from the 1950s, and is the perfect complement for a retro style of dress. Of course, they don’t have to be worn with a leopard-print, but you’re sure to stand out from the crowd if you do have the audacity to put on the entire suggested ensemble. They take stylishness to a new level, and evoke visions of a time when drive-in movies were the norm. Cat eye sunglasses also come in the over-sized style, for those wanting to take advantage of two en vogue spring styles.


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