6 Things Your Glasses Say About You

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6 Things Your Glasses Say About YouEyeglasses come in a variety of different styles, and the style that you choose may do more than just complement your face shape; it may provide insight in regards to your personality, too. When you choose glasses, you’re choosing something that will add to your style and look, flair and attitude. Here are five things that your choice of glasses says about your style:

1) You’re Classically Chic

Big frames are all the rage these days, and are usually worn by those who consider themselves to be classic and chic in style. Also, referred to as geek-chic, these big frames—often black rimmed or brightly colored—are demonstrative of voguish beauty, confidence, and culture.

2) Hipster Suits You Best

Much like the classically chic look, eyeglasses for the hipster are always oversized, but may be round, oval, or even square in shape. And, these glasses are almost constantly thickly rimmed in jet-black, although mustard yellow and candy apple red is also popular. This glasses type has been noticed on celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and Zooey Deschanel. These glasses speak volumes about an individual’s uniqueness, artistic nature, tendency to think outside of the box, and distaste for things that aren’t stimulating in design.

3) Preppy Preferred

Typically round or oval in shape, and often tortoise shell in design, preppy eyeglasses usually go hand in hand with pullovers and polos. Don’t underestimate a person in preppy eyeglasses, though—these individuals are often more wild at heart than they first appear, will beat you in an argument every time, and love socializing and having a fun time.

4) Sassy is Your Middle Name

If you feel as though you have a little sass in your strut, a pair of glasses that shows your saucy personality may suit you perfectly. Typically cat-eyed and colorful, sassy glasses let others know that you may be a little more flippant than you let on. To show off your own unique style and personality, and to add a little flair to your look, sassy style glasses are the right choice for you.

5) You’re a Scholar

Put on the tiny square frames, usually in silver or chrome, and dazzle people with how smart and stylish you look. Or, if you tend to sport tortoise shells or reading frames, garnish the reputation as a bookworm. In addition to making you look more hip, glasses also make a person look more intelligent. Depending upon the frames you choose, you may yield a very scholarly look.

6) People Look to You to Set Trends

Be it rhinestone or bright colors, frames that take up half of your face or a wild pattern, if you’re wearing a pair of glasses that no one else could pull off, your glasses are telling the world that you’re a trendsetter. The trendsetter chooses glasses that are out of the ordinary, aren’t worn by many, and draw a lot of attention. Start wearing them, and you may notice that your friends and family seem to be copying your style.

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