When Should You Replace Your Eyeglasses?

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It’s not always easy to tell when it’s time for a new pair of specs. Sure, you may find yourself squinting a bit more, or the frames are a bit wobbly, but it’s not a big deal, right? Well, those are definitely signs that it may be time (or past time) for a new prescription and frames. 

1) You’re Squinting or Leaning Away

Squinting or leaning away means your prescription is no longer working for you, and it’s time for an eye exam. Of course, many of us don’t realize that our prescription has become too weak because it doesn't happen overnight. Pay close attention to what you can and can’t see when you go about your day. If you’re struggling to read road signs, books, and other everyday material, don’t wait. If your frames are still in good shape, consider only getting new lenses if you want to cut down on the cost.

2) They’re Falling Off Of Your Face

Both plastic and metal frames can bend and warp over time, which can result in them sliding off your face or falling to the floor. This can often be remedied by a quick trip to the optometrist, who has tools to help re-tighten your frames. However, this can only be done so many times before your frames are too weak to handle another bending. This is particularly true of plastic frames, which get more brittle with age. If your glasses are falling off constantly and you’ve already had them adjusted a few times before, then it’s time to get a new frame that’ll stay put on your face.

3) The Material Is Starting To Corrode

Along with bending and warping, plastic and metal frames can slowly degrade over time. While this tends to be less of an issue with metal, the material still responds to the oil in your skin, which can strip away the coating and weaken the frame. With plastic glasses, corrosion and breakage is more of an issue. Sun exposure and skin oils both play a big role in degrading the material, and the glasses could simply snap if you wait too long to replace them. Don’t get caught blinded — if your glasses are old and seem to be wearing away, it’s time for a new pair.

4) The Lenses Are Scratched

Let’s be honest, most of us clean our glasses with whatever we happen to have on hand — like the end of a shirt or a tissue. These materials, along with paper towels and household soaps, are terrible for your lenses. All of these can cause scratches and scrapes, and cleaners can strip away coatings your lenses may have. Scratched lenses are more difficult to see out of, which may be problematic while driving or during other activities. If your lenses are scratched, get them swapped out for a new pair. Also, remember to clean your glasses with a soft microfiber cloth and specially-formulated lens cleaner. This simple step will go a long way in protecting both your investment and your eyesight.

5) They’re Outdated

Even if you take perfect care of your glasses and your prescription hasn’t changed in a decade, a perfectly good reason for getting new eyeglasses is to update the style. While some looks have been popular for ages, there are also eyeglass trends that come and go and, what looked hot five years ago may look totally passe now. Glasses are an important way to express who you are and how you present yourself to the world. If you’re feeling less than confident in your specs, then it’s time to go to the optometrist and find a frame that makes you look (and feel) like a million bucks!

Now that you know the warning signs of needing new eyeglasses, take a moment to examine how your specs are holding up. If they’re no longer doing the job, then you should definitely consider getting a new pair. Being able to see clearly is essential to living out your everyday life, and few investments are as worthwhile as protecting your vision.

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