5 Benefits of Wearing Eyeglasses

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The options in eyewear are as plentiful and appealing as ever. Countless people prefer to wear eyeglasses instead of contact lenses. While the reasons for this preference may vary widely, some of the benefits of wearing glasses are pretty compelling. The following are a few of the top advantages associated with eyeglasses as opposed to contacts.

1) Eyeglasses Offer Better Protection

If you already wear glasses, you may be aware that they provide a certain level of protection against various irritants. When you're driving, for example, your eyes are vulnerable to any insects that may fly through an open window. Wearing glasses can protect you from an insect or tiny object making its way into your eye and possibly causing a collision. Glasses also offer protection when you’re engaged in other various activities, from working to walking outdoors to riding a bike. Contacts can’t offer this kind of protection.   

2) Glasses are Easier to Maintain

Glasses are much easier to clean and maintain than contacts. Regular contact lenses require daily cleaning with a specific solution. If you don’t clean them as often as recommended, you are putting yourself at risk of getting an eye infection. Of course, you can purchase disposable lenses, but such an option can become a burdensome expense (and numerous people would also point out that using disposable contacts is a rather wasteful practice). Eyeglasses are relatively easy to clean and maintain. You generally only clean them as needed, and you can use a variety of inexpensive solutions to do it.

3) You’re Far More Likely Not to Lose Eyeglasses

Losing a contact lens can be frustrating and costly. Additionally, when you lose a contact, your vision will be somewhat impaired until you are able to replace the lens. Contacts have even been known to pop out of the eye if they don’t fit correctly or aren’t positioned properly. Glasses are far easier to keep track of. You can store them in their case when you aren’t wearing them; since a case for glasses is much larger than a case for contacts, you are less likely to lose that, as well.

4) Glasses Are More Comfortable

When they fit properly, glasses are typically a lot more comfortable to wear and deal with than contacts are. Contacts can make the eyes feel incredibly dry, which can result in soreness. They may also be challenging to position in the eye – people sometimes report feeling as though their eyes have been scratched as a result of trying to put in their contacts. Eyeglasses fit comfortably on your ears and nose. When you wear eyeglasses, you don’t need to worry about dry or otherwise irritated eyes.

5) Eyeglasses Are More Stylish

A great pair of eyeglasses can be more than functional – it might also be a fashion accessory. You may choose from a seemingly endless assortment of shapes and sizes. Frames are available in a wealth of styles and hues. When you select your eyeglasses, you might use them to make a fashion statement. You can also select a pair that complements the shape of your face and your facial features, as well as the color of your eyes, hair, and complexion.

Once you wear eyeglasses, you are likely to understand the benefits of using them. They offer various advantages that contacts simply cannot provide. Innumerable people have found that glasses are a more practical and fashionable option than contact lenses. The most challenging aspect of wearing eyeglasses could be selecting from the vast array of possibilities!


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