8 Flawless Eyewear Trends for Spring 2015

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Spring 2015 is all about busting out of the winter doldrums and slipping into some light, carefree styles. Swirls of pastels, bright pops of blue, and unique shapes are just some of the cool glasses trends we’re loving this season. And, after the winter we’ve had, we seriously can’t wait to inject some fun into our everyday outfits. Below, check out the 8 amazing eyeglass trends that will definitely give you some spring fever.

1) Two-Tone Frames

Why have one color when you can have two? Two-tone frames have been a big hit this spring, particularly with glasses that are clear on the bottom with a darker color up top. This look is particularly striking when the uppers are stately tortoiseshell. The clear bottoms of the frame add some lightness to your spring ensembles, and the classic styling is well put-together. Check out these specs in bright reds, greens, and pinks to add some color to your wardrobe, or consider half-clear frames to help keep the look a little more muted and fun.

2) Ombre Gradients

Another way to do the two-tone look is with an ombre gradient. Featuring one color in a darker shade on top that fades to a lighter shade on the bottom, this look is all the rage for spring. After all the heavy colors and fabrics of winter, ombre frames are a great way to refresh your look and welcome in warmer temps. Some of our favorite ombre specs come in neutral shades, like slate gray and tan, but you can rock this look in pretty much any color imaginable.

3) Get The Blues

Blue frames have never been hotter than they are right now. Available in a huge range of shades, from bright, creamy baby blue to luxurious turquoise and deep navy, blue is going to be your favorite neutral color this spring. Not only is there a shade to match every skin tone, blue frames are also a unique alternative to basic black. Still sophisticated and oh-so-chic, you’ll be happy to have the blues this spring.

4) Trendy Tortoise

Tortoiseshell glasses have been a classic for decades, but spring 2015 is turning the look on its head. Gone are the usual black, brown, and orange hues. Instead, we’re seeing tortoiseshell patterns in blues, purples, and greens, which creates almost an underwater, oceanic look we’re crazy for. While the shapes are still classic, these unique and unusual blends of colors will definitely be turning heads.

5) The Coy Cat

Cat’s eye frames for spring are a little bit quieter than usual. Instead of dramatic spikes, this season cat’s eyes narrow just slightly at the temples, creating a soft almond shape that’s sexy in a demure way. If you want to up the retro factor, pair your specs with a bright red lip and some serious curls. Or, go for a neutral lip and a messy bun for that girl-next-door vibe that’ll leave the boys drooling.

6) White Out

Bright white isn’t a color you normally see in glasses, but it’s one of the hottest looks we’re loving for spring. The flat, milky color adds a dramatic contrast to any skin tone and adds a sleek and modern touch to your overall style. If white glasses are a little too out-there for your everyday look, consider white sunglass frames instead. The neutral hue will go great with that new swimsuit and these fashion-forward shades will definitely make you stand out whether you’re poolside or seaside.

7) Play A-round

Ultra-round glasses are perfect for the artsy, free-spirited set. This retro shape makes us think of the 60s, particularly if you go for metal frames. Of course, bigger is better in 2015, and huge, oversized plastic frames in bright colors and look-at-me patterns have been all over the runways. Sure, this style might not be for the faint of heart, but a little wow-factor never hurt anyone, right?

8) Fantastic Finishes

Spring 2015 is all about unique blends of colors, and this lends itself to some totally fabulous finishes. Swirls of pearly white blended with light purples and blues give an opalescent look to plastic frames and makes us think of pretty spring flowers in bloom. Speckles are also a big hit, with these bright little pops in darker frames giving an almost glittery effect to up your glam factor. Or, get a little primal with some tiger stripes. Bands of black, brown, and orange-y tans can be both sultry and chic, depending on how intense and distinct the colors are.

So, got a handle on all the cool frames spring 2015 has to offer? Remember, this season is all about playful styling and lighthearted, effortless looks. Whether you’ve been looking for a striking new shape to frame your face, or you just need a little more color in your life, you'll definitely find a pair of specs that will get you into the spirit of the season. Which frame are you loving the most?


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