5 Best Eyeglass Styles for Kids

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You might shudder to think of the glasses you had to wear as a kid. Thankfully, times have changed. Kids glasses are now every bit as stylish as adult specs — and, okay, sometimes we wish they came in our size, too. Because some kids might be resistant to wearing eyeglasses (maybe they think they’ll be uncomfortable or annoying to wear), it’s important to make the process fun and show them all the cool options they have to choose from. Below, we’ve picked out the 5 best eyeglasses any kid would be happy to wear.

1) Bright and colorful

Kids love colors, and a great way to get them excited about their new specs is with their favorite shades. Kids glasses come in a huge array of colors, from muted earth tones to bright neons and everything in between. Your child will have a blast trying on all the different shades and seeing which color they like best. Finding a colorful frame they love will not only make them happy to wear their new specs, it can also give them a new way to express their personalities.

2) Versatile

If your child is on the picky side, you may want to consider guiding them towards a more versatile frame in a neutral tone. This will prevent them from getting bored of a frame they might have liked initially, and the simple color will match more easily with all of their clothes. Once glasses become an everyday part of your child’s life, they’ll find that they aren’t such a big deal, after all.

3) Sporty-Chic

Many children love to play sports after school, so why not incorporate a little sporty style into their glasses? Whether it’s a sunglass-style shape, frames covered in cool racing stripes, or specs in the colors of their favorite sports team, your child will love a pair of glasses that celebrate one of their favorite activities.

4) Pattern Perfect

Another cool trend in kids eyewear is crazy and colorful patterns. Since kids tend to be more creative and carefree in their style, their glasses can help them bring out their unique and artistic side. Bold pops of color, multi-hued frames, checked prints, funky stripes, and colorful speckles are just some of the options out there. Once your child sees how fun and expressive glasses can be, they’ll actually want to put them on.

5) Light & Easy

It’s probably no surprise that kids aren’t easy on most of their belongings. Not only do your child’s glasses need to be easy to wear, they also need to be durable and scratch-resistant. Plastic glasses are a great option because of how lightweight they are — your child won’t even remember that they’re wearing them! They’re also very easy to keep clean, and can withstand everyday wear and tear. Scratch-resistant coating is a must, as drops will inevitably happen (maybe more times than you’d like!). Safeguarding your child’s lenses will help protect against any damage and ensure that he or she sees clearly each and every day.

Now that you know a little bit more about what kind of kids glasses are on the market, you can help your child discover which frame will suit them the best. Remember, making the experience fun will help them see glasses as a cool and stylish way to express themselves, and it will encourage them to wear their specs all the time.

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