3 Ways to Properly Clean Your Glasses

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Many of us walk around with glasses that are, er, a little bit dirtier than we’d like to admit. And when it’s time to wipe away that smudge, we often reach for the end of our shirt. You spend good money on those specs, so it’s time to get into the habit of cleaning your glasses properly. This will help keep your lenses and frame in tip-top, scratch-free shape for years to come.

1) Soften Up

We’re all guilty of using a tissue, paper towel, or the end of a shirt to clean our glasses at one point or another. However, this is one of the worst things you can do. All of these materials have rough fibers that can scratch and damage your lenses. And, once those scratches are there, they’re not coming out.

Microfiber cloths can be found at any optometry office and at most drugstores, and they’re very inexpensive. We suggest stocking up on a few of them so you’ll always have a cloth on hand at work, at home, and on the go — no more cleaning with your shirt! Why microfiber? There aren’t any long fibers to trap dirt and debris that can scratch your lenses, and the extra-fine weave holds up well after repeated use. The fibers are also extremely soft and dense, which helps whisk away smudges without doing any harm.

2) Find The Solution

It’s a good idea to wipe down your lenses each morning as part of your getting-ready routine. While some household soaps can help make your lenses sparkle, read the ingredients list very carefully. Any cleaners with ammonia, bleach, acids, or vinegars can damage the coatings on your lenses, so be wary of what you use!

Your best bet is to get specially-formulated cleaning solution for your glasses. This can be picked up at your local optometrist, at the drugstore, or online. In fact, you can often get cleaner bundled together with cleaning cloths, so you have everything you need for crystal-clear lenses. Cleaning solution is also relatively inexpensive and can be bought in bulk as well. If you do buy a large amount, consider also getting pocket-sized spritz bottles for your on-the-go cleaning needs. We know we always need a bottle in our bag and desk drawer!

3) Go Deep

Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to give your whole frame a rinse to get rid of any dirty buildup. To thoroughly clean your frame, fill a bowl with some lukewarm water and some cleaning solution. Dip your glasses into the water, and gently remove any dirt with your fingers or a soft microfiber cloth. Rinse again with clean water, dry, and you’re good to go! When you do a deep clean, you should also take the time to tighten up any loose screws, and change out dirty nosepieces if your glasses have them. If you have dirt around the edges of the lens, many optometrists will clean out these hard-to-get areas for little or no charge. They can also adjust your frames if they’ve become too wide — this is important to keep your specs from slipping off your face and possibly breaking on the ground. If they’re wiggling, go get them tightened up — it’ll only take a second!

Now that you know the proper way to care for your glasses, no more excuses for using that tissue to wipe away smudges! Taking care of your glasses not only protects your investment, it also protects your eyes from dirt and dust, and helps you see more clearly every day. Got a good tip for getting into a good cleaning habit? Let us know in the comments!

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