5 Perfect Eyeglass Styles for Kids

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The days of being called four eyes are gone with stylish new elegant frames for kids.Gone are the days where kids loathed the idea of having glasses. Instead of the few boring “four-eyes” frames many of us knew growing up, kids glasses are now so stylish that even grownups might be envious. And, while it’s important to let your child pick out the glasses he or she feels most comfortable with, it’s also good for you to know ahead of time what kind of options are out there. Below are 5 great eyeglass styles, just for the little ones.

1) Funky and Bright

Kids just want to have fun, and their glasses should express their carefree nature. With literally every color in the rainbow available, your child may also feel more comfortable knowing they can get a pair of specs in their very favorite shade. There are also a lot of great patterned frames out there, like black and white stripes and ombre gradients. If your child is nervous about getting glasses, trying on all sorts of shapes and color may be a fun way for them to warm them to the idea. Keep it lighthearted, and they’ll soon see that glasses are a great way to express who they are.

2) Simple and Stately

Some kids are traditionalists even at an early age. Simple metal frames never go out of style, and these days they’re available in a wide range of shapes and colors, too. Metal glasses are particularly great for young kids, because they come with adjustable nose pads. Because young children’s noses aren’t fully developed yet, the set nosepieces on plastic glasses might not fit them properly, and the glasses may fall off. On metal glasses, the adjustable nose pads will fit every nose and keep those specs in place, so you won’t have to worry about them losing (or breaking!) their brand new frames.

3) The Classic

Who doesn’t look good in a classic black frame? Simple black plastic frames are a great idea for kids not only because they look good with every skin tone and face shape; they’ll also go with all of your kid’s clothes. Black frames are also great for more indecisive kids, as they won’t grow tired of the simple style like they might a more adventurous frame.

4) All About the Details

Another cool feature to look for is decorations and designs on the frame’s arms. Spots, rhinestones, cutouts, and tie dye swirls are just a few of the cool little touches you’ll see at the store. You might even be able to find glasses with images of your child’s favorite cartoon characters on them! If your son or daughter really likes these kinds of details, consider choosing a more neutral frame with a few special touches on the sides. A child may grow bored of glasses that are too over the top, so try to guide them to a pair that has a good balance of playful and practical

5) Sports Safety

If your child plays sports but needs glasses to do so, then sports goggles are an absolute must. These specs feature polycarbonate lenses, which are ultra-durable and will withstand impact from rogue basketballs and the like. Sports goggles also have a strap that wraps all the way around the back of the head, keeping the goggles in place while running and jumping.

Now that you know a little bit more about the kids’ glasses that are out there, you’ll be able to help guide them towards the perfect pair. It’s crucial that your child feels comfortable and happy in their frames, otherwise they simply won’t wear them. But, with all of the options available, you’re bound to find frames that make everyone feel good.


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