5 Upcoming Eyeglass Trends to Look Out For in 2015

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When you schedule your yearly eye exam, it’s a good idea to consider switching up your glasses game. While you may be partial to a particular shape or style, 2015 is seeing a lot of cool and creative frames hit the shelves. Below, we’ve got 5 of the biggest eyewear trends you definitely need to try on ASAP.

1) Getting Tan

Neutrals never go out of style, but it’s not often you see glasses in these sandy shades. The trick to finding the perfect tan frame is to choose a color that’s a few shades lighter or darker than your skin tone — if you get too matchy-matchy, the glasses will just disappear on your face. The subtle contrast looks chic and sophisticated, and neutral tones work as well with your coolest outfit as they do with even the most conservative business attire.

2) Clear Skies Ahead

Clear frames are another intriguing look we’re crazy for this year. We love the subtle way they brighten up a face by reflecting light, and they provide just enough contrast from your skin tone that they don’t entirely disappear on your face. Like the look but want a little more oompf? Plastic frames in ultra-pale shades are also a big hit this year, allowing you to get a pop of color without going too overboard.

3) Here, Kitty Kitty

A little flick at the end of a frame is always an eye-catching look, but 2015 may have some of the most dramatic cat eye specs we’ve ever seen. This retro-inspired trend is the opposite of subtle, and the va-va-voom it brings definitely amps up every look —especially if you go for a cat eye frame in eye-popping red instead of classic black.

4) Gentle Giants

Frames are getting bigger and thicker with each year, and 2015 is no exception. However, this trend has taken on an air of subtly. Instead of thick plastic, more oversized glasses are appearing in thinner metal frames. Whether you go for an aviator shape or prefer something a little more architectural and refined, we’re loving the combination of big without all the bells and whistles.

5) Eco-Chic

Eco-Friendly frames are a very new trend, but one that’s definitely gaining steam this year. These glasses are produced with the least amount of material possible, which ultimately means fewer production steps, less waste, and less carbon emissions in manufacturing. But rest assured that these environmentally-friendly frames don’t skimp on style. Just check out the frames that eco-chic brand Free Form has to offer. With trendy colors and shapes alongside more traditional metal frames, you’ll definitely find a pair you’ll feel extra good about wearing.

Now that you’re well-versed in 2015’s hottest eyeglass trends, which frame do you want to try out first (maybe using our Virtual Try-On)?



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