What Is AR Coating And Why Do You Need It?

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Anti-reflective (AR) lens coating sounds pretty self-explanatory: it reduces glare, right? Well, it does a whole lot more than that, and all of the benefits of this must-have lens protection may surprise you. From making it easier to drive at night to making your glasses look better on you (yes, really!), we’ve outlined all the benefits of AR coating below, so you can be more informed about what your specs do for you.

What Does AR Actually Do?

AR-coating prevents light from reflecting on both sides of your eyeglass lenses. Glasses without this coating only let in about 92% of visible light, and about 8% gets reflected off the lenses. This means your eye is getting less light to see with. AR coating, however, allows as much as 99.5% of visible light to pass through the lens, so you’ll be able to see much more clearly both day and night. 

What About Glare?

Since AR coating allows more visible light into your eye, less of it gets reflected off the lens, meaning you’ll get less glare on your glasses. The benefits are twofold: not only will you see less glare as you go about your day, but other people won’t see as much glare on your glasses as well. Meaning, your eyes will be more visible, and you won’t be hiding behind a blinding beam of light!

What Else Can AR Coating Do?

So, if AR coating reduces glare and allows more visible light to reach your eye that means you’ll also be able to see much more clearly at night. This is extremely important if you frequently drive in the evening. It’s hard enough to see and make judgments while navigating in the dark, so bringing the maximum amount of visible light to your eye is essential to keeping you — and everyone else — safe on the road. And, when someone’s headlights come at you from the other side of the road? The AR coating will reduce the glare on those high-beams, so you won’t get blinded. Talk about a bonus!

The benefits of AR lens coating are essential to helping you navigate everyday life, and that’s why we include this must-have for free with every pair of glasses we sell. So, isn’t it time that you found your perfect frame?


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