4 Style Tips for First-Time Eyeglass Wearers

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Choosing a pair of glasses for the first time can be pretty overwhelming. Faced with a giant wall of frames of all shapes, sizes, and colors, where do you even start? Don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy to narrow down your options. If you take a few minutes to consider your face shape, style, and living situation, you’ll be able to find out which shapes, colors, and materials will work best for you. Below, we’ve got four essential style tips you need to know before picking out your very first frames.

1) Get In Shape

Knowing the shape of your face is crucial to picking out the perfect pair of glasses. Here’s a quick primer:

Circular: Round cheeks with a broad forehead and jawline. Angular glasses are a great way to offset the fullness of your face. You’ll also want to look for a wider frame to keep your features in balance — glasses that are too narrow often make a circular face look larger than it really is.

Oval: Longer than it is wide, with narrow cheeks and forehead. Oval faces also do well with angular glasses, but this time wider isn’t better. Choose a narrower, deeper frame to compliment the lines of your face while still staying in proportion to your overall shape.

Heart: Broad forehead with a narrow jawline. To balance out the smaller bottom portion of your face, choose a deeper pair of glasses that sit lower on the brow line. These frames can either have deeply curved bottoms, or they can be an angular pair that is as wide on top as on the bottom.

2) Material World

It’s also important to consider how your glasses go with your overall style. Brightly-colored glasses are a great way to express your fun and creative nature, but you’ll want to make sure your specs fit in with the overall look and feel of your wardrobe. Cat-eye glasses are a great pick if you want to rock a bit of a retro vibe, while metal frames in gold, silver, or brass finishes are always a classic look.

3) Form & Function

Glasses are generally made either of plastic or metal, and both materials have different pros and cons. Plastic frames are extremely lightweight and can come in a lot of different colors and patterns. However, the plastic can become brittle over time and is more prone to breakage. Metal frames on the other hand are quite strong and flexible — some frames can even be twisted up without breaking! However, they also tend to be more expensive, and the style and color options are generally more limited than plastic pairs.

4) Try and Try Again!

The most important style tip? Try, try, and try on again! Now that you know some different ways to narrow down your selection, make sure you still try on glasses of different colors, depths, and styles. You might be surprised how a cat eye brightens your look, or how a sleek pair of floating frames gives you that air of confidence you’ve been looking for.

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