Different Types of Eye Doctors Provide Eye Care

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Whether you wear glasses now or are concerned about getting the best eye care, choosing right eye doctor can be confusing. There are several distinctive types of eye care professionals that can diagnose, treat and correct your eyesight. Knowing the difference between the eye doctors can help you find the best eye care for your needs.

Ophthalmologists Provide Complete Eye Care

Of the two main types of medical eye doctors (ophthalmologists and optometrists), the ophthalmologist has the most training and can provide the most complete eye care. An ophthalmologist must spend years in medical school learning about eye care and then several years in residency before beginning a practice. Ophthalmologists can perform basic eye exams to correct vision problems, but are also qualified to do surgical eye care or diagnose and treat all types of eye conditions. These highly qualified medical professionals can treat the whole range of eye and vision problems. Whether you have glaucoma or crossed eyes, an eye injury such as a burn or cut or macular degeneration, the best doctor for such varied care is the ophthalmologist.

Optometrists Offer Eye Care and Vision Correction Services

Optometrists are not doctors but rather are highly trained medical professionals that specialize in the treatment of vision care. An optometrist does not go to medical school but will spend four years in an optometry program after completing their undergraduate degree. An optometrist is the person you are most likely to seek for eye exams and for treatment of common conditions that affect your eyesight. Some of the services this eye professional provides are: eye exams, treatment for astigmatisms, correction of near or farsightedness, and they will prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses to fix you vision problems. An optometrist is also usually the one to find and diagnose more serious eye conditions and recommend that you follow up with an ophthalmologist for more serious eye care issues.

Opticians Fill Eye Care Prescriptions by making Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses.

An optician cannot diagnose or provide treatment for eye problems or conditions. This non-medical eye care specialist is the person who will fill the prescription that is given to you by your ophthalmologist or optometrist. Often this person will have a one or two year degree or certificate rather than years of medical training. Their job is to evaluate the lens prescription and then make the eyeglasses or contact lenses. They also will fit the eyewear, adjust or repair glasses and will often help you decide which type of lenses and frames will look best. Some eyewear retailers have an optician on staff to help make it easier to get the right prescription lenses that an eye doctor has already prescribed. Online eye wear retailers, such as Front Row Eyewear, have opticians on staff in order to produce the high-quality eyewear necessary to correct your vision.

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