High Quality Eyeglasses Can Be Affordable

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Anyone who wears glasses knows that high quality eyeglasses can be very expensive. Those with progressive lens or that need a higher level of eye sight correction usually pay even more. However with the increasing amount of prescription eyewear now available online, the prices have become far more affordable. But how do you find a pair of high quality eyeglasses online?

High Quality Eyeglasses Can Be Found Online


Over the past several years, there has been an explosion of online retailers selling products via the internet. For some types of products, people are quick to order over the web. For other products, such as high quality eyeglasses, there can sometimes be a bit of hesitation. One of the fears of ordering eyewear online is that the prescription will not be accurate or that the quality will be inferior to what can be found in a doctor’s office or at a mall store that specializes in eyeglasses. However, the reality is that if you work with a reputable retailer (online or off), then you can get high quality eyeglasses no matter how you shop. In fact, you are more likely to have a problem with your prescription at a quick one-hour eyewear shop than you are having issues with an online eyeglass provider that takes the time to produce the prescription correctly. So long as the prescription your eye doctor wrote down is right to correct your vision problems, then an online eyeglass store will create a lens that matches that script.

Digital Lenses Used in High Quality Eyeglasses

Most eyewear has manufactured lens that will correct your eyesight when looking through the center of the lens, but that has a significant fall off when looking peripherally (though the side of the lens). The newest advent in prescription eyewear is the increasing availability of digital lenses. Digital lens are like watching a High Definition TV instead of a standard definition television. Digital lenses are designed to give sharper vision across many different lighting conditions. They also lessen glare for nighttime driving and improve nighttime vision dramatically versus non-digital lenses. According to a representative at Front Row Eyewear (an online eyewear company), their digital lenses are up to six times more accurate and provide a wider field of view. They are better at enhancing peripheral vision and superior for tasks that require fine vision skills such as reading or computer work. Look for digital lenses when you purchase your next set of high quality eyeglasses.


Price Often Key for High Quality Eyeglasses

As with most products, you really do get what you pay for and if you pay less than $39.99 for a pair of eyeglasses then you are purchasing an inferior product from the start. The reason is that just producing a high quality lens with an anti-reflective surface (which is recommended by all eye doctors) will cost the manufacturer at least $40 to produce. Paying less than that amount means that you are getting a cheap frame with low definition lenses. This may work for some that need little vision correction, but the eyewear not last very long (which will require purchasing a replacement pair within a few months or so). However, if you go to a reputable online eyewear provider, then you will find fashionable frames and high quality digital lens for 40 to 60% off the price of mall based retail stores. This is simply economics… it costs far less to sell high quality eyewear online rather than build or rent a retail location that must be stocked and staffed on a daily basis. Online retailers such as Front Row Eyewear have the advantage of sourcing the best designer frames directly from the manufacturer and have the technology to produce digital frames located at a centralized location. Since they ship for free, it all works in your favor.

Next time you are considering purchasing eyewear, look at the high quality eyeglasses available at Front Row Eyewear. You will be pleasantly surprised by the pricing and pleased by the quality of their digital prescription lenses. Shop at www.FrontRowEyewear.com

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