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Many more women have found that shopping on the internet is easy and offers a wider range of fashion choices than can be found in any mall store. While clothing remains the most common purchase, buying women’s eyewear online has become far more popular because of the tremendous savings. The variety of women’s eyewear online is increasing and it is easy to find high quality prescription eyeglasses at prices that are 40 to 60% off retail.

Women’s Eyewear Online Offers Better Savings

One reason why online eyewear is less expensive is that there is not as much overhead. There are not the same high mall rents or staffing needs so there are immediate savings available to the consumer. Often a pair of high quality eyewear can be less than half what you can find in a retail store. Here is one pair available from that is super sexy and very affordable:


The Camdyn style by Slide features rounded and retro-nerdy frames for a super fashionable 2015 look. These frames combine dark and light cranberry color to add more personality to the already unique design.  This pair is one of trendiest women’s eyewear frames available today at Front Row Eyewear and the price is unbeatable!

See More Fashionable Women’s Eyewear Online

Online Eyewear options are endless and there is a wider variety of styles available via the web. Even the largest retails stores would not have enough space to house all the different brands of fashion eyewear frames that are available today. In fact, there are so many that you really need a great curator to find the best styles to help make the decision process easier. Front Row Eyewear is an excellent curator of fine women’s eyewear and has selected the best and most up to day fashion frames for you already.


Wood frames are in for 2015, but using natural wood for eyewear is not a great idea. Wood warps and wears differently than plastic or metal so is not the best material for high quality prescription eyewear. The Ariel frame by Mo is designed with a two-toned wood look that is far more durable yet gives the natural, outdoorsy style that is in fashion today. These frames can be found on

Whether you want sophisticated frames, something casual or even eco-friendly eyewear, you can find your style of Women’s Eyewear online. Check out the fashions at Front Row and get shopping now to get the best pricing on next year’s styles.




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