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Buying kids eyeglasses online is a great way to save money. It is also very easy to order kids eyeglasses online so long as you have a prescription ready. While it may seem more convenient to purchase the glasses at the mall store, the pricing is always at a premium. Online kids eyeglasses are as good or better quality and cost far less. Since most kids will go through several pairs of eyeglasses until they reach adulthood, it makes more sense to find a great resource you can trust for kids eyeglasses online.

Tips on Buying Kids Eyeglasses Online

In order to purchase kids eyeglasses online, you must have the lens prescription from an optometrist and you also need to get the PD measurement. The PD means the pupillary distance which is important for ensuring good quality eyesight. The eye doctor can provide this measurement for you but sometimes they withhold this information if they know that you are looking to buy online rather than from their store. If you cannot get the PD measurement, don’t worry as there are many online tools to help you get the correct pupillary distance for your child. Click here for a PD tool at Front Row Eyewear.

The other important part is getting the right frame size. If your child already wears glasses, then the frame size is located inside the frames and may look something like this: 49-19-135. The first number is the distance across the lens of the glasses. The second number is the bridge size and the third number is the length of the temple or the arm piece. Your eye doctor can provide these measurements if you do not already have a pair of glasses that fit.

Buy Fashionable Kids Eyeglasses Online

Getting the lens and sizing right is critical to correcting your child’s eyesight, but if they don’t wear the glasses then it really doesn’t matter. Children are very sensitive to teasing and are more aware of fashion then you suspect. Wearing glasses has always been a source of mocking so it is important to find a pair of glasses that your child will be willing to wear. One benefit of buying kids eyeglasses online is that there is usually a wider range of fashionable kids eyeglasses. One source with an excellent selection is They have more up to date fashions for children and offer the highest quality eyewear through their online portal.

Check the policies before buying Kids Eyeglasses Online

Even the most reputable online vendors can sometimes make a mistake, so be sure that whoever you order your kids eyewear from includes a money back guarantee or exchange policy. Also check on what is included in the pricing of the eyewear. For some, the upgrades that you purchase can really drive up the price. Front Row Eyewear includes AR (Anti-Reflective coating) and Scratch Free lenses for free. These are important features that some consider upgrades. They also offer free shipping and a no risk return policy.

While this list may not cover all your questions about buying kids eyeglasses online, it is a great way to get started on saving money on your child’s eyewear. If you have questions, you can ask the experts at Front Row Eyewear by going online at or by calling 1-844-FROW-EYE.

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