Tips on Choosing Eyeglass Frames – Consider the Color

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One factor of choosing the best eyeglass frames is selecting the best color to match your complexion. Often people first think that eyeglass frames should match their wardrobe choices but really it is about complimenting skin tone or bringing out your facial highlights. Fashion eyewear should be used to repeat your best personal feature, such as blue frames to coordinate with blue eyes.

Eyeglass Frames Should Follow Color Keys

There are a few different ways to decide what colors will work best with your complexion. Use these clues to determine which color eyeglass frames will look best on your face.

  • Are you a cool or warm color? Cool colors tend to be blue-based and warm colors are more yellow-based. More than 60% of the people born in the United States fit into the cool colored camp with their skin tones having mostly blue or pink undertones. Warm complexions are more peachy or yellow with Asians and some Hispanic falling more into this category. Olive skin is considered to be cool because it is a mixture of blue and yellow.
  • Eyewear should complement personal coloring and pick up on colors of the skin, eyes and hair. Women with brown hair with blond highlights look great in tortoise shell glasses that pick up both colors, whereas raven hair works best with black or dark eyeglass frames.

Take a look in the mirror before selecting eyeglass frames to decide which coloring tends to harmonize best with your natural beauty. You can also consider which clothing colors you gravitate towards as those tend to help you decide whether you have more of a cool or warm based skin tone.

Red Eyeglass Frames Enhance Skin Tones

If you want to go with something a bit more fun and flirty, red eyeglass frames are great at accentuating your look. The color red is often used to enhance skin tone and bring out a more lively appearance same as is done with blush or lipstick. But as with lipstick colors, you want to pick a color that flatters your appearance. As with all color, your skin tone dictates the direction. If you have light skin, then you will likely look best with a lighter shade of red. Too dark of a shade will detract from your appearance and make you look washed out. For darker skin shades, go with bold reds that have a burgundy or brown undertone. Experiment a bit by trying on different shades of red to see what works best with your facial features. At Front Row Eyewear, you can use their virtual try-on tool to try on eyeglass frames via the computer to see what looks best.

Tips on Metallic Eyeglass Frames

Choosing a metallic eyeglass frame does involve some color selection. Metallic frames are available in a wider selection of colors, not just the silver and gold tones of years past. You can find gunmetal grey, bronze, platinum, as well as metallic color finishes. The same guidelines apply as with plastic frames – select based on your complexion. Warmer skin tones can more easily pull off bronze or gold metallic eyeglass frames than a cool color person.   Cooler skin tones look best in platinum, blue, silver or black. If you want the eyeglass frames to be less obvious, then you should go with a matte rather than a gloss finish to help them blend in with your style. Shiny metals will pop more against all skin types and make a bolder statement.

Bold colors and eyewear designs are in fashion in 2015 so seek out a good online eyewear provider, such as Front Row Eyewear to find the latest styles in prescription eyeglasses. They carry eyeglass frames in all colors, shapes and offer the widest variety of unique eyewear in N. America.

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