What you need to know about buying Prescription Eyewear Online

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Buying prescription eyewear online is easier than you may think. For many people, the main reason to switch to buying eyewear online is to save money. Others find that there is a greater variety of frame styles to choose from via the various online retailers. So what do you need to know before buying prescription eyewear online?

Ease of Buying Prescription Eyewear Online

Online buying offers the comfort of shopping in your PJ’s with pricing that is lower than most discount stores. Buying prescription eyewear online is just as easy as buying clothing, so long as you know your sizing and have your eyeglass prescription. It really is not much different than purchasing from a retail store except that the pricing is lower and the try on process is usually virtual. The benefits include having a greater selection of fashion eyewear available via online and getting high quality prescription eyewear at savings of up to 60% off retail.

So to get started buying prescription eyewear online, you need your prescription, the size of your eyeglass frames and your pupillary distance (PD) measurement. These can all be provided by your eye doctor, however, not all will readily provide your PD measurement unless they are filling our prescription in their store. Your prescription spells out the lenses you need for your prescription eyewear and the frame size is listed inside your current eyewear. To get your PD, you can ask your doctor or you can use a handy online tool to get your pupillary distance and order glasses online. There are several different websites that explain how to get your PD, but FrontRowEyewear.com has one of the simplest sets of instructions.

Have Selfie Ready when Buying Prescription Eyewear Online

Another item that you need when buying prescription eyewear online is a digital photo of yourself (selfie) that you can upload into the virtual try-on program. Many of the better online vendors have a system that allows you to see how different eyeglass frames will look on you so you can be sure that you pick the right pair. Look for a picture of yourself facing the camera directly. A group photo or a side profile picture will not work with this type of program.

Buying Prescription Eyewear Online is Fashionable

More consumers are buying prescription eyewear online because it is easy and there is a wider range of fashion choices available than in a retail store. An online eyewear store can stock a much wider variety of eyewear frames than can be housed in a mall shop. So before you start shopping, think about what type of eyeglasses you need and how they will match your personal style. You may even be best off by looking for two pairs in order to fulfill all of your eyewear needs. Since the pricing is so low, it makes a lot of sense to purchase two pairs of prescription eyewear online. One eyewear company that has a very fashion forward selection is Front Row Eyewear. Their line is unique and affordable, plus they provide anti-reflective coating and scratch resistant lenses at no additional charge. These are important ‘upgrades’ that will improve your vision and give your glasses a longer life. Once you have considered all your eyewear needs, have you prescription handy and a selfie ready, then it’s time to get shopping. Go to www.FrontRowEyewear.com to see all the latest styles as the most affordable prices.


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