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If you want to keep the earth healthy, yet still wear fashionable prescription eyeglasses then look for ecofriendly eyewear online. Just what is ecofriendly eyewear, you ask? It is eyeglasses that are either biodegradable or made in a way that minimizes the impact on our environment. There are a few companies that manufacture fashion frames and you can find this eyewear online at companies such as Front Row Eyewear.

Biodegradable Ecofriendly Eyewear

Most people wear the same pair of glasses for several years but then their prescription changes or they want a new style. Either way, many of these eyeglasses end up either in a drawer or are disposed of in a landfill where they take up space on our planet. However some eyewear companies are now manufacturing eyewear that is actually biodegradable. One pair we really like is made by Mo. This frame is called ‘Arion’ and is stylish, durable and yet will break down once disposed of to keep our earth clean. This online eyewear offers a retro techie look that will give a certain distinction to whoever is wearing them.

Low Impact Manufacturing makes Ecofriendly Eyewear

Another eyewear company, Free Form, makes eyewear through a low impact manufacturing process that minimizes the impact on the earth. Free Form makes ecofriendly eyewear by using less material in their frames and by cutting the number of steps used in producing eyeglass frames in their plant. Because they use superior material, their glasses are super strong yet extremely lightweight. Plus they provide stylish design work, such as seen on their ‘Blaise’ frames. These give a modern play on a retro look and the gold finish adds a sense of playfulness. These are from

Designer Looks and EcoFriendly Eyewear by Free Form

Another pair of hot ecofriendly eyewear is the ‘Brooke” made by Free Form. These are trendy wayfarer glasses that are perfect to enhance any fashion statement. They are classic yet fun, cultured but flirty at the same time. Define your personal brand by selecting this pair of ecofriendly eyewear from Front Row Eyewear.

These styles and many more eco options are available online and at savings of 40 to 60% off retail prices. Shop today at


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