Men's Eyeglasses can be Fashionable Too

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It used to be that men’s eyeglasses seemed to come in just three styles – aviator, wayfarer and nerdy. Men’s eyeglasses used to be made just for function without any real consideration of style. The thought process was that men who wear glasses just need to see a little better. Men’s eyewear was not considered a fashion statement and so few frames types were created. However, the world changed and many men are now connoisseurs of quality and fashion. The right pair of eyeglasses can make a real statement about personal style so even though the retro styles are still cool, there is a much wider variety on the market today.

Men’s Eyeglasses Come in Different Shapes

There are so many unique eyeglass frames for women, why not the same for men? A couple of companies have really upped the ante to create some fashionable designs for men. The European influence is strong in men’s eyewear and we love this sleek half-frame design by Slide. These minimalist frames provide clean lines yet are remarkably strong and durable. Available at Front Row Eyewear:

Men’s Eyeglasses Come in Many Colors

Men’s eyewear also is produced in a wider array of colors to enhance any complexion and match any mood. Even a simple, full-framed look can pop when a little bit of color is used as an accent. One pair we like is the ‘Brady’ for men by Free-Form. They are sporty and fun with the blue on the inside of the frame and a cool white on the outside.. Check out these and other men’s eyeglass frames available at Front Row Eyewear:

Men’s Eyeglasses No Longer Need to Be Ordinary

There are so many styles to choose from that some men are buying several pais of glasses to match their mood. Shopping online is so much more affordable than buying retail, so having multiple glasses won’t break the bank. The Men’s eyeglasses at Front Row Eyewear are priced at 40 to 60% off mall store costs and come in a wider variety of frames, frame materials and colors. Take a look at the selection available at Front Row Eyewear and find the style that matches your personality.


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