Can Online Eyewear Really Save You Money?

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Everyone who wears glasses knows how expensive eyewear can be, but can online eyewear really save you money? The answer is YES, online eyewear is actually far more affordable than buying from a retail store. Plus the quality is often equal to or better than what you will find in your local mall store.

Online Eyewear is More Affordable

One of the biggest reasons why online eyewear is more affordable is that the cost of running a retail location can be very expensive. Retailers have huge overhead that has to be made up in the price of the glasses, whereas online eyewear eliminates most of the expense by selling through the internet. Retailers must pay for the cost and upkeep of running their store which includes either the expense of building a stand-along location or covering the high rent of a mall store. These brick and mortar stores must also staff them with clerks and often opticians or optometrists. In many cases, the cost of having an eye doctor onsite is folded into the cost of buying the eyeglasses. That is why the cost of having an eye exam in an eyewear store is often less expensive than going to an optometrist working from a private office. The flip side is that the cost of buying retail glasses can often be double those on the web.

How Online Eyewear Minimizes Costs

Buying eyewear online reduces expenses dramatically because there is no need for a physical building with all the associated costs. There is no reason to buy expensive displays or shelving, no security costs to secure the goods and much less staffing necessary. Often an online eyewear company can focus on providing high-quality eyewear at a lower price without having to worry about all the overhead of a store. Online eyewear companies often work directly with the manufacturer or produce the frames and or lenses themselves. This eliminates the middle man and gives you better pricing and often more styles and options.   One reason why an online retailer can give you more variety is that they do not have to worry about exclusivity or be concerned with what the other mall store is selling just down the way. An online company often does not have to carry the full line from each designer so has more flexibility in what they sell to you.

Tips on Finding the Right Online Eyewear Provider  

The best way to find affordable online eyewear is to avoid shopping with a vendor that also runs a retail location. Those that have both physical locations and online options will often price glasses the same regardless of how you buy. If they did not do so, then someone can visit the mall store and then order the same pair of glasses online for less. So look for an online eyewear company that only sells via the internet. You should also work with a company that offers a satisfaction or money back guarantee so you can return the glasses if they don’t fit or if your vision isn’t enhanced. Many companies often will provide extras like free shipping to keep their prices low. Some online eyewear sellers will also give you upgrades or features that are really necessities so consider all the upcharges before you buy your next pair of eyeglasses.

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