How to Choose Eyeglass Frames Online

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Choosing eyeglass frames online can seem like a daunting task, especially if you are used to facing a wide wall of frames in a retail store. However, buying eyeglass frames online can be a fairly simple process if you follow these simple tips.

Eyeglass frames should complement your face shape


Eyeglass frames should be in scale with your face size. Be careful not to choose frames that are much too small or large for your face. They will be out of proportion. The frame shape should also complement the shape of your face. Eyeglass frames should be in contrast to your face shape, so if your face is round choose frames that are more square or rectangular. If your face is angular, choose eyeglass frames that are more rounded. People with oval faces can wear almost any shape frame successfully. Eyeglass frames should enhance your look, not be distracting.

Eyeglass frame color is important

Consider color when choosing eyeglass frames. Many people don’t realize that certain colors of eyeglass frames can actually clash with their skin tone and make them look washed out or detract from their natural beauty. Generally, complexions consist of cool tones or warm tones. Cool tones are actually made up of blue or pink undertones while warm-toned skin has a yellow cast. Olive skin tones are a mixture of warm and cool tones. Choose eyeglass frames that match your skin tones to make sure that you look your best in your new glasses.

The size of your eyeglass frames can affect your prescription

The size of your eyeglass frames is especially important if you need bifocals, trifocals or progressive lenses. If the frames are too big for you, your eyes will not be optimally centered, which could cause peripheral distortion. If the frame you choose is too small, there may not be enough room for the bifocal or progressive lenses you need. Too narrow of a reading channel in the center can result in a “swim effect” that is very difficult for many people to adapt to. Medium sized eyeglass frames are the best choice for these types of prescriptions.

Eyeglass frames to suit your personality

The eyeglass frames you wear say a lot about your personality. You can have a pair of glasses that showcase your fun loving side on the weekends and a pair that emphasizes your business side during the week. Adorn your face with your favorite color (as long as it doesn’t clash with your skin tone), detailed embellishments or some of the latest designer, eco-friendly styles that include wood tones. Business styles are also changing. Many business people are stepping out of the box from metal frames and rimless styles to include trendier eyeglass frames in their collections, including a wider array of colors, creative shapes and innovative designer styles. Having a small collection of eyeglass frames on hand allows you to easily alter your appearance to suit your mood.

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