How to Shop for Designer Eyewear Online

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Shopping for designer eyewear online is easier than you think.  Gone are the days when you had to spend hours at the eyewear store browsing at racks and racks of frames that look suspiciously similar, waiting for your turn, ready with an armload of frames to try on for the retail assistant, who is invariably rushing you because the others in line are also impatient.  Buying eyewear online allows you to shop at your own pace and in the convenience of your own home.  You also have designer eyewear available to you online that would never be available at your local retail store.  At Front Row Eyewear, many of the designer eyewear styles available can only be found at boutique stores in Europe.


Unique designer eyewear online for less


Online retailers, like Front Row Eyewear, are able to cater to a niche market and offer a wide array of unique products. They don’t have to appeal to mass markets.  They are designed to cater to a discerning consumer who knows what they want and understands quality.  For many people, eyewear has become part of their fashion collection, so they want to make sure their designer frames are as unique as they are.  Who wants to show up at the company Christmas party in brand new eyewear that someone else is wearing? 

Eyewear is personal.  Buying eyewear online gives you options that are simply not available anywhere else, like eco-friendly frames or European designer frames so unique they are numbered to well-known names like Marciano by Guess and Roberto Cavalli.  The team at Front Row Eyewear is dedicated to finding the highest quality, most fashion-forward eyewear on the market today for both men and women. 

You can buy designer eyewear online for much less than you can in a retail store.  This is because online retailers do not have to carry the costs of a storefront in a distinct location.  The products they carry can be marketed to consumers across the globe, making them much more cost efficient.  Those savings get passed on to you, the consumer.  This means that you can have the most desirable products at a price that could never be offered in a brick and mortar store.


Shopping for designer eyewear online – where to start?

Shopping for designer eyewear online is easier than you think.  All you need is a current eyeglass prescription that includes your PD (pupillary distance) measurement.  You can get this from your eye care professional if it isn’t on your prescription.  At Front Row Eyewear, you can use our Virtual Try On tool to upload or take a photo of yourself and actually see what you will look like in any of our designer frames.  What could be easier? 

Buying eyewear online allows you to make the experience so much more personal than it has ever been before. It allows you to choose from a much wider selection of designer frames.  It also allows you to choose eyewear for any occasion that fit your face, your budget and your lifestyle with ease and confidence. 



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