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Many people who wear prescription glasses have found that shopping for online eyewear is a way to gain significant savings. However there are some drawbacks to buying online eyewear at a discount if the quality is inferior. Finding online eyewear that offers both savings and high quality can be a little bit tricky but it is possible to get good eyeglasses by shopping online.

Look for Online Eyewear with High Quality Lenses

There are many online eyewear providers that offer high quality lenses for less, but there are also many that sell substandard products. When shopping for online eyewear, it is easy to be fooled by the really low prices. Some online companies sell eyewear that ranges from $9.99 to $39.99 but in order to create such low cost eyewear, they have to cut many corners in the manufacturing process. A basic pair of eyeglasses with a quality lens that will accurately correct vision cannot easily be produced for less than forty dollars. For those with minor vision problems, the difference between high quality online eyewear and cheap eyeglasses can be negligible. But for those that require a higher level of adjustment, a cheap pair of glasses can be a real headache and cause more vision problems. Are the savings really worth the gamble?

Watch out for the Add-Ons when Buying Online Eyewear

Some online eyewear companies may lure you in with inexpensive eyewear that looks fashionable. However, the low prices means that you may not get all the features you need and often the most basic necessities will cost more. Some companies charge a premium for anti-reflective coating and scratch resistant lenses, while some make up the difference by tacking on big shipping fees. Other companies, such as FrontRow Eyewear include all the above within the standard pricing because these ‘features’ are really must-haves for everyone who wears glasses.   Also, while it is possible to get decent quality at a super low price, oftentimes this means settling for prescription glasses that are not fashionable or even marginally attractive. Some people do not care about looks, but the majority of people do want to see well and look good at the same time.

Online Eyewear Can Be Fashionable

When you want a high quality pair of glasses that are fashion forward, you will have to pay a little more than $39.99 but online eyewear can still be a bargain if you know where to look. The latest in eyewear fashions can be found at FrontRow Eyewear. They work mostly with European manufacturers and only offer high-quality frames and lenses. FrontRow has styles that cannot be found elsewhere as well as many classic frames. Even their ‘classics’ have been reworked with some additional flair that gives their products a more style. They make wearing glasses both fun and affordable. Check out their offerings and compare their prices to retail stores. You will be very pleased with what you see. www.FrontRowEyewear.com

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