5 Reasons Why Cheap Eyewear May Not be the Best Deal

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Anyone who wears prescription glasses knows that retail eyewear can be very expensive. So it is no surprise that many consider buying cheap eyewear to save money. While there are ways to save money by buying online, there are reasons why spending $39.99 or less on prescription eyewear may not be a bargain. 


Here are 5 reasons why Cheap Eyewear may not be a deal:

  • If your eyewear prescription calls for more than a minor adjustment, then spending a little more for higher quality lens will save you a big headache… literally! Any prescription that starts with the number 3 or higher used to require a thicker lens in order to provide good quality eyesight. You probably remember the old coke-bottle lens of days past, but today polycarbonate is used to make thinner lens even for higher prescription levels. The problem is that cheap eyewear will make it seem like you are looking through a fishbowl or refract the light in a way that causes headaches. A better quality lens is worth the extra cost and will allow you to see more clearly with far less eyestrain.

Cheap Eyewear will Not Last Long

  • Cheap eyewear is less durable and can even cost more over time if you have to replace your glasses more frequently. In order to cut costs, cheap eyewear often uses lower quality plastics or metals to make the frames. This means that if you are not super careful with your eyewear, a lesser quality product will break or bend. Choosing higher quality eyewear will always give you a more durable frame that will last longer and be more comfortable than cheap eyewear.
  • Quality eyewear allows more adjustments and sizing options that cheap eyewear. Glasses that cost $9.99 to $39.99 are often made so that one size will fit all. In reality, everyone has a different face shape and distance between their pupils. One standard frame may fit some people well, but more often than not, the majority will find that the cheap eyewear does not feel comfortable. Higher quality eyeglasses will come in more sizes to fit a variety of face shapes and sizes. Plus better eyewear will allow for more adjustments such as around the nose pads that make it easier to get a better fit.

Paying for upgrades makes Cheap Eyewear Expensive

  • Anti-reflective or anti-glare coatings have a tendency to peel off on cheap eyewear so it is better to go without if you choose low priced glasses. Spending a little more will give you the real benefit of AR Coatings that will reduce the glare and give you better vision under a bigger range of lighting conditions. A good anti-reflective coating can cost the manufacturer up to $40 per pair of eyewear, so if you are good in math, you can figure out that a pair of glasses that costs less than $40 is probably using substandard coatings to make it seem like you are getting a deal.
  • Cheap eyewear does not offer as much variety or up to date fashion eyewear. It is easy to keep costs down by providing only a handful of styles or by recycling frames from years past. A better quality eyewear company can give you a much wider selection of fashion eyewear.   Your choice of eyewear often says a lot about your sense of style and makes a personal statement. Eyewear is often the first piece of fashion that someone will notice when they meet you for the first time so isn’t it worth it to get a pair of quality glasses that show off your personal style?

Why buy Cheap Eyewear when you can get Good Affordable Eyewear?

Quality retail glasses can cost as much as $500 to $1000 for high fashion frames and good prescription lenses. Online eyewear can be found for as little as $9.99 per pair but have many drawbacks in lens quality, durability and fashion choices. However, a new player in the online eyewear space, FrontRow Eyewear, offers excellent lenses and a wide variety of fashion frames for prices that are a third to a half of retail prices. Saving money but getting the right look is now possible with online prescription eyewear. Check out www.FrontRowEyewear.com to find the style which will suit your personality and get high quality eyewear that will not give you a lasting headache.


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