5 Tips for Buying Kids Eyeglasses

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When buying kids eyeglasses, there are more things to think about than just getting the right prescription lens. You have to consider what your child will actually wear and find eyewear that is durable enough to last the school year. This is actually not as tough as it used to be back when kids eyeglasses were given short-shift by eyewear manufacturers. Today there are many different style frames and far more options. So how do you decide what to pick?

Here are 5 tips to help you find the right pair of Kids Eyeglasses:

  • The first factor has got to be the quality of the lens. Sure you can get cheap kids eyeglasses that will do an ok job of correcting their vision, but if your child needs anything other than a minor correction, then it is better to spend a little more on better quality lens. The reason is that the higher degree of visual correction, the thicker the lens will be especially on budget eyewear. Thicker lens mean heavier glasses and more teasing. Go with polycarbonate lenses and make sure you spend enough to get light weight kids eyeglasses that will help improve (nor harm) their vision.

Kids Eyeglasses Have to be Durable & Fashionable

  • Determining which frame will hold up to your child’s carelessness is usually a key consideration. Most parents that want to find kids eyewear that lasts longer than a week. The choice is often between plastic and metal frames. Years ago, parents were told to avoid the lightweight metal frames because they were not as resilient. The new metals now available in childrens eyewear are stronger, lighter and often a great choice for durability. Plastics are also durable and can be lighter than glasses of a decade ago, as long as you don’t go for the bargain basement priced glasses. As with most purchases, spending more can be more cost-effective than having to replace damaged goods frequently. Plus, do you really have time to shop for kids eyeglasses every couple of months?
  • Fashion is more important than ever, especially among kids and teens. Wearing glasses still carries a stigma for some. Wearing glasses can promote teasing at school… especially the first time worn so look for a cool pair to give your child a sense of style. The great news is that there is now a wider selection of fashionable frames available in kids eyeglasses. While bargain basement glasses still come in basic designs, some online eyewear companies such as FrontRow Eyewear, provide excellent quality eyewear with many different fashion choices. Shop around to find a pair that will match your child’s style as it is really important to get a pair that they will actually wear.

Getting a Good Fit for Kids Eyewear is Important

  • The way that kids eyeglasses fit them is also a huge part of getting your child to use their glasses. Bottom line is that the lower price glasses offer fewer adjustments and are usually heavier than mid-priced eyewear. The fit of the nose bridge is important as is the way the glasses sit on their face. Shop around to find a company that offers a variety of sizing options and look for kids eyeglasses that feature flexibility and adjustment options that will grow with them… even over a year’s time.
  • One last thing to think about if your child is prone to allergies or reacts to certain metals is whether the glasses are hypoallergenic. Some kids eyewear will can cause a skin reaction or a rash, while hypoallergenic eyewear will let even those with sensitive skin feel comfortable wearing glasses all day. If you are not sure if your child is allergic to metals or other materials, go with the hypoallergenic models that are increasingly available in the marketplace today.

The kids eyeglasses you choose will make a difference in your child’s ability to learn. Not wearing prescription eyewear when needed can really set back your child’s studies so take the time to find the right pair. There are many retailers that sell children’s eyewear (although usually at premium prices) and there are now more affordable options online for high quality kids eyeglasses. Check out www.FrontRowEyewear.com for fashionable eyewear that is quite reasonably priced for the best quality lens and frames for children and adults.

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