Fashion Eyewear to Match Your Evening Wear

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Glasses are no longer an afterthought, not just something to thrown on with your sweats for a quick to the grocery store. Fashion eyewear is now part of your personal style and like a clothing wardrobe, having a selection of styling eyeglasses can help you craft a fabulous look. The glasses you wear to work each day are likely not the same pair that will work with your little black dress (LBD). You know it so why do you spend so much time getting ready for that fantastic party and then wreck the look by tossing on your everyday specs? Have fun with your style without spending a fortune and find inspiration for your next evening look with 3 unique styles:


Fashion Eyewear: Little Black Glasses for Your Little Black Dress

  1. Hava
Hava is a timeless frame—the black and nude give it a classic, softer quality than an all-black frame. The rounded style makes it a pair of glasses you can take into next decade and beyond.  Pairs perfectly with: An A-Line dress and a fabulous pair of nude pumps. Or, go bold with a pop of color in your shoes or in a handbag.



  1. Sensuelle

Oo la la! The only thing hotter than these Sensuelle frames is the dress you are wearing them with. These chic frames have an ivory interior giving them that extra je ne sais quoi.  Pairs perfectly with: a long gown or daring mini! Or, play with high fashion and pair with a long chiffon skirt and crop top.



  1. Deva

Go Monochromatic in these sleek black and white frames. With their slim, oval design and subtle detail, these frames are sure to turn heads.   Pairs well with: Any LBD! Break up the black and white with a pop of color on the lips, a statement bag, or a colorful pair of stilettos.  

Fashionistas shouldn’t have to break the bank for a stylish look. Find your LBG at FrontRow Eyewear without compromising craftsmanship and style for price. Bring European chic to your next event and make four eyes a fashion statement.

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