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The eyeglasses you wear are often your first statement about your personal style.  People will notice your glasses as soon as they make eye contact with you so be sure to lead off with fashion eyewear that compliments your face and defines your character.   

The frames you select make are a declaration about who you are or how you want to appear.  You may want to look like a rock star or like a sexy librarian.  No matter if you want to appear smarter, thinner or cooler… your choice of fashion eyewear is critical for creating your own personal style.

Sure eyeglasses are a way to enhance their vision, but a good pair of glasses should also enhance your looks!.  While you may have an everyday favorite pair of glasses, the eyewear you choose for a presentation, party or public event should be a little special.  The trend today is to have an “eyewear wardrobe” that gives you a wide range of styles that compliment your looks.  All glasses should be a fit for your face shape and in colors that flatter your appearance.  Of course, they should also work to improve your eyesight, but your glasses can offer you so much more.   

Here are some of the eyewear trends for 2015:

Retro Style Eyewear

Retro Styles that became popular in 2014 are still going strong into 2015.  Cat eye frames and chunky “geek” glasses are popular and are available in a wider range of colors and frame materials.  For women, one of the hottest frames of the year is the Bonnie Acidulee.  The blue & bone coloring on this frame is eye-catching and the style evokes French vogue with their retro cat eyes.  

Another favorite selection is the timeless “nerd frame” by Mo called Amandine.  The traditional styling is more refined with slightly thinner frames that are true to the fashion but more contemporary.  For men, the Private Label Hariku has a retro-trendy elegance with a masculine flair that works in both business settings and after hour adventures.    

Metal Eyeglass Frames

Sleek Metal Frames have made a big comeback this year with a wider variety of flattering designs.  For those minimalist men out there, the Nova by Slide has a half-frame design for a sophisticated, intelligent look.    The rounded, nerdy style is trendy but the frames are versatile enough for day or night wear.   

Billie by Free Form is another great pick, because of the simple frame styling that allows your eyes to shine through.  These frames are versatile yet chic and have minimal obstruction to you can see the world clearly.  


Eco-Friendly Eyewear is another trend for 2015 and there are more choices available than ever.  Our Mo line  offers three different biodegradable frame styles that are gorgeous and environmentally friendly.  Our Free Form line displays an interesting mix of fashions, all made in a toxin free manufacturing process.   With Eco-Friendly eyewear you can create your own personal style while staying true to your philosophy of being good to the earth in everything you do.  Check out the beautiful, high-quality frames that make up our green line of affordable fashion eyewear.   

FrontRow Eyewear is committed to offering the highest quality, fashion eyewear at affordable prices. Come shop with us today and make a statement with your eyewear style.


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