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If you regularly take your reusable bags to the grocer, separate out your recyclables and use green products in around your home, why shouldn’t you choose eco-friendly eyewear as well? Like many industries, large eyewear manufacturers have been known to add to the world’s pollution but our eco-friendly frames are out to reverse all that dirty business. Two of the brands we carry are proud of their planet-conscious eyewear. Both Mo Eyewear and Free Form Eyewear offer fashionable frames that are super stylish and don’t add to the earth’s pollution.
The production of plastic eyewear can add many toxins to the environment and the mining of metals can be very damaging to the earth. That is the reason Mo Eyewear offers three biodegradable options in their astonishing line of fashion frames. We know that our glasses will look great and last a long time, but you will not wear them forever. That is why we chose to include Mo in our catalog. Mo offers stylish frames that will not pile up on a landfill or leave a lasting footprint. Make a personal statement with our eco-friendly eyewear in multiple ways – by enhancing your look with the latest fashion and by choosing to protect the planet we live on. Mo makes it easy to practice your principles without compromising your style.
Another of our brands has taken great steps to create the most green of green eyewear, is Free Form Eyewear. Free Form is known for their ultra-lightweight and fashion forward frames. This brand uses a minimal amount of titanium in their extremely low-impact manufacturing process. They have found a way to reduce the number of production steps required to create high-quality eyewear. Best of all, they make beautifully strong frames with zero toxic emissions during manufacturing.
Free Form Eyewear’s unique frames are made without screws. This helps increase the durability while adding to the eco-friendly design. The patent pending hinge is simply cut and folded from one piece of titanium steel. With rubber temple tips, they are anti-slip, non-allergenic and adjustable. The nose pads are uniquely comfortable with a fully adaptable 3-D ball-joint to fit the nose pads to any angle. Free Form is an interesting choice of eyewear for those that want to be in harmony with the environment and for those that just want to enhance their appearance with fashion eyeglasses. Best of all, Free Form’s frames are offered at a very affordable price point.
Front Row Eyewear is proud to offer our green line of eco-friendly eyewear with designs by Mo and Free Form Eyewear. We are committed to offer great products and having a positive impact on the world. We will continue to add to our eco-friendly line as we source more premium glasses that are available at affordable prices. Check out the frames we have in our Eco-Friendly Eyewear line and make a statement today with our fashionable prescription eyeglasses.


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