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Finding the right frame size is important to looking good in your eyewear. If you already wear glasses and are looking to purchase eyewear online in order to get the most affordable fashion glasses, then determining frame size is relatively easy. Most frames have the size numbers printed inside the arm or along the nose piece.

So, just take your best fitting glasses and read the numbers on the inside of the frame. Well…maybe not so easy if you don’t have a spare pair of glasses to see the tiny numbers.   Ask a friend to jot down the numbers for you or grab a magnifying glass to get the info if you need help.      

There are usually three sets of numbers that you need to look for and they are often listed in the same order. Here’s how to decode the info:

There are 3 size measurements in millimeters including eye, bridge, and temple. Eye and bridge sizes are most common and are often located next to each other and sometimes separated by a box icon or a slash:  55 / 16. Temple size is usually a 3 digit number: 140

1.      Eye size is the width of the lens inside the frame

2.      Bridge size is the distance between both lenses taking the measurement at the closest point of the lenses. This is sometimes called the distance between lenses or dbl.

3.      Temple size is the length of the arm from one end to the other including the bend

We will need these numbers when you order your online fashion eyewear to give you the best fit. There is a spot on our website to enter these when you make your purchase.

If this is your first online fashion eyewear purchase, there are ways to get the right frame size to be sure the online eyewear fits you perfectly. You want to be sure to get the right frame size for both style and comfort.

One way to get the frame size is to take the measurements yourself using a millimeter ruler. A better way is to take a look at your reading glasses (if you use them and if you like the way they fit) and see if they have frame sizing numbers etched inside. No? Well then next time you are out running errands, stop by a retailer and try on a couple of pairs until you find one that fits well. These try-on glasses may not be stylish, but we’re only interesting in fit right now. Fashion eyewear is our specialty! Once you found a pair that feels right, get the numbers from inside the frame and you are ready to shop online for a new pair of affordable fashion lens.

There is also a vertical measurement which is the height of the eye glass lens. Also important is the total width of the frames so they fit your face well. 

Every frame is a little different. Sometimes the frames do not have these measurements or the numbers have worn off. Sometimes you will find a model number or other details too.  If your current frames do not have these numbers, you can measure them yourself or go to a local retailer to try on frames and write down the sizes that fit you best in that style. Once you have the frame sizing, you can go back to shopping online. Plus the good news is that usually your frame size will stay the same so you only have to go through this exercise once. Now have you found your perfect look yet? If not, head back to FrontRow Eyewear to continue shopping (link here).


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