Need your PD to Order Eyewear? Here’s How

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For us to be able to get your RX perfect we need an accurate measurement of your pupillary distance. Know as your PD, this  is the measurement of the distance between your pupils.

Sometimes you can simply ask your eye care professional for your PD and they will tell you or write it on you prescription.  if they tell you the PD, that’s great. However, the one measurement that is frequently left off a regular eyewear prescription is the PD.

So, if you did not get your PD from your eye doc when you got your script and do not want to go back and ask them for it, what do you do if you want to get affordable and fashionable prescription glasses from us? There are many ways to measure your PD at home. We’ll tell you both ways, but trust us it is the latter one that really works.

The first and most common method is to use a ruler and put it on your nose. Look at an object about 20 feet away. Mark the ruler under each pupil and you have your pupillary distance. This sounds pretty easy, and it is much easier if you have a friend help with this task. However, this way is not always accurate. If you are doing it yourself, your eyes may not be looking consistently at the object in the distance. Your pupils may move during the test, and it is easy to be off by a couple of millimeters. If you choose this method, do it a few times to be sure that you are confident in the number.

Now, if you want to get this number right, which you should so you can get excellent eyewear that helps your vision… try this method. 

  1. Grab a pair of glasses (your own, a pair of readers, a friends glasses).
  2. Have a marker ready (a NON-PERMANENT marker is best and will wipe off when done)
  3. Look at a small distant object. Something further than 20 feet away (the further the better)
  4. Close your left eye and keep looking at the object with your right eye.
  5. Now put a dot on the glasses on the right lens – this dot should be in the center of the object you are looking at in the distance.
  6. Now close your right eye and do the same thing on the left side. Put a dot on your lens that falls in the center of the object in the distance.
  7. Now looking through the marked glasses, you should see a single dot over the object you’re looking at. NO? Then try again until you see a single dot. (Hint: looking at an object in a well-lit area against a light background makes it easier.)
  8. Now, take off the glasses and carefully measure the millimeters between the dots. Use a millimeter ruler and double check your measurements. This will give you the most accurate PD if your eye care professional will not supply it to you directly.


So, if you have your prescription, you have your PD, and have your frame size… then pick out a fashionable frame that will look great on your face.


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