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Welcome to Front Row Eyewear's blog.

Our Story

Front Row Eyewear’s goal is to create an online boutique of approachable, affordable, yet fashion forward eyewear.

Our devotion is to discovering the up and coming design companies that are creating frames that could be featured on high fashion runways around the world. By skewing away from big name brands, we are able to bring high quality, trendsetting eyewear found only in European, boutique shops right to you.

Our Face of Fashion

Our first step in building such a niche collection of eyewear was finding a connection to the ever-changing fashion industry with a passion for unique expression. Long-time professional model, Liskula Cohen, was chosen to lead our fashion forward pursuit.

Featured on the covers of Australia’s Elle and Vogue magazine, Liskula has spent years traveling the world while building a highly successful career in the fashion industry. A life spent in fashion has instilled a passion for discovering unique new trends. It’s this passion that drives Front Row Eyewear to discover and provide a selection of glasses for unique trendsetters who are unable to access these niche styles online.

Our Front Row to the Fashion World

Through her travels, Liskula has built a strong network of highly influential friends in the fashion world and an eye for quality and style. It’s this experience that give us a figurative front row seat to the hottest runway shows around the globe.

This VIP treatment makes it possible for us to discover unique frame styles before they are bought out and distributed to the masses by big name brands. It is our mission to discover and maintain the frames’ niche style in order to match your unique personality.

Because we work with designers in their up-and-coming stage, many of the frames we showcase have a very limited quantity available to the public. These small-stock frames provide you with the opportunity to be one of the few people in the world to own such an exclusive pair of glasses. (Did we mention that some styles are actually NUMBERED?)

Your chance has finally come to find a pair of high quality glasses that truly fit your fashion forward lifestyle…and your budget. 



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