Mo Eyewear Blue Prescription Glasses

$ 65.00
Ahisma Mo Eyewear
Ahisma Mo Eyewear
Ahisma Mo Eyewear
Ahisma Mo Eyewear

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  • Scratch Resistant SV Plastic

  • Clear Lenses

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Polycarbonate lenses are more impact resistant then standard plastic or glass lenses, They provide 100% protection from UV radiation, and are light weight giving added comfort. Originally developed for cockpits of fighter planes.

High Index 1.67 will improve the cosmetic look of high prescription lenses because there is less curvature required to obtain the same RX compared to standard plastic. (thinner lenses)

  • AR Coating

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$ 65.00

The clear, square frames of these eyeglasses make for a trendy, futuristic vibe. Not your ordinary nerd-chic style of eyewear, the thin, metal temples display a more industrial spirit. These glasses are for those educated daydreamers seeking out a way to engineer the next big thing.

Ahimsa in the Buddhist tradition is the principle of nonviolence toward all living things. The special Hindu name and futuristic design of these clear, super-light specs connect old wisdom with a new world and give another meaning to vision clarity.

Size: 51/18/140, Medium
Color: Clear and Blue