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Frame sizing for your Online Fashion Eyewear Purchase


(frame size example)   Finding the right frame size is important to looking good in your eyewear. If you already wear glasses and are looking to purchase eyewear online in order to get the most affordable fashion glasses, then determining frame size is relatively easy. Most frames have the size numbers printed inside the arm or along the nose piece. So, just take your best fitting glasses and read the numbers on the inside of the frame. Well…maybe not so... Read more

Need your PD to Order Eyewear? Here’s How


For us to be able to get your RX perfect we need an accurate measurement of your pupillary distance. Know as your PD, this  is the measurement of the distance between your pupils. Sometimes you can simply ask your eye care professional for your PD and they will tell you or write it on you prescription.  if they tell you the PD, that’s great. However, the one measurement that is frequently left off a regular eyewear prescription is the PD.... Read more

Welcome to Front Row Eyewear


Welcome to Front Row Eyewear's blog. Our Story Front Row Eyewear’s goal is to create an online boutique of approachable, affordable, yet fashion forward eyewear. Our devotion is to discovering the up and coming design companies that are creating frames that could be featured on high fashion runways around the world. By skewing away from big name brands, we are able to bring high quality, trendsetting eyewear found only in European, boutique shops right to you. Our Face of Fashion... Read more